Mauricio Macri takes the “yes you can” to Tucumán and Alberto Fernández presents a draft against hunger.

The President will seek to place an amount in the Plaza de la Independencia. The aspirant of the Frente de Todos crossed it for an allegory with San Martín. In the final stages of the campaign, when there are only three weeks left for the general selections, the main presidential candidates refine their logistics to assemble insurance for the October 27 attachment, but with multiple objectives. Get into the ballot, in the event of Mauricio Macri; and give in the first round, by the seat of Alberto Fernández. The President reinforces his organization of mobilizations under the title “yes you can”, one of his slogan campaign notes, and is presented this Monday from 19 in the Plaza Independencia of the Tucuman flow. From videos spread on their social networks, the aspirant of Together for Change invited his followers to participate in the farewell. “Dear tucumanos, I want to invite everyone who wants to explain themselves in peace for a better future for our grandchildren and our grandchildren. I wait for you Monday at 19 at the Independencia facility,” the nuncio said in the video. The behavior will be in the suburbs of the Tucuman Government House, today to the degree of Juan Manzur, one of the main presidents who support the rival prescription. The fact is part of the 30 presidential expedition routes in 30 different populations to update the analogy with the electorate, add signal to the generals and reverse the convincing difference of 16 judgments that Fernández made in the primaries. The demonstrations began on September 28 in Barrancas de Belgrano and will close on October 24 in Córdoba. As part of its logistics, the President comes to embrace the trial of the “celestial”, the shortcut that opposes the legitimation of the malogro, to “hunt” commitments of the aspirant of the Front Juan Juan José Gómez Centurión; and to produce posters for the middle class, followed by the “corrective commitment” of this border to the ruling party for the stumbling block of economic explosions and loss. The manager, amen, thanked everyone who immediately participated in the parties this Sunday and hoped that the ruling party will “find rotation” the output of the primary votes. Through a message he spread on social networks, the delegate said that last week was one of the “most exciting” of his energy. Macri stressed that “the cosmos career is made by people who said ‘Yes, you can'” and recalled that “the countries we admire rose from exaggerations and works of apocalyptic extensions” with that “a simple and powerful consecration.” “What do you think San Martin thought when crossing the Andes? No, it can’t be done? Or, yes, it can be done,” added the statesman, who found out his re-election. Given that, this Sunday because of perplexity, Alberto Fernández used his Twitter story to answer Macri. The enemy candidate cited the tweet in which the delegate referred to San Martin. “President: our arrogant, with San Martín at the head, struggled to dispatch our homeland and our continent from a monarchy that submitted us. You only knew how to supply the state to the Fmi and external deservers,” replied the applicant of the Front of All . And closed: “You could proceed otherwise, nothing heroic did you.” Alberto Fernández and a scheme “to disagree with Macri” The suitor of the Frente de Todos will announce at 10 a.m. the note “Argentina without hunger”, in the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires. Alleged to the applicant, they clarified that the software is “nutritious, and not against poverty”, to distinguish itself from Macri’s 2015 campaign, when he promised “Zero Poverty.” The draft includes offers to dismantle the value of the central shell, an observatory for the yantares to reach the grounds where they are needed and the courtship of all the ingredients to beautify the placement of those who are below the misery line. According to what was anticipated, the reflector will be documented in children’s nutrition, the main one for their momentum. The applicant comes to concentrate with the vault of the Argentine Industrial Union (Uia), which presented him with a project to reactivate the acquisition, and to show up with the former Minister of Interior and Transportation Florencio Randazzo, which he joined in the final stretch of the campaign and that could embed an eventual government in a trance to defeat the dilemmas.

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