Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Has Done The Previously Unthinkable.

A month ago’s issue of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead funnies, Issue #191, prodded a noteworthy, significant passing with a major cliffhanger. Did Kirkman finish in Issue #192? There are real spoilers beneath for devotees of The Walking Dead funnies, so click away in the event that you would prefer not to know (for reasons that will end up obvious, this may not influence the TV arrangement).

Initial, a little foundation: In the present circular segment of The Walking Dead funnies, Rick, Carl, Michonne and Company are at the Commonwealth, a 50,000 man human advancement out in Ohio. The Commonwealth is a working society with a military, musical crews, sports crews, and a large number of the pleasantries of a pre-end times human advancement. Its drawback, in any case, is that its framework is classist. Essentially, individuals are put inside the class framework in The Commonwealth dependent on their occupation before the end times, with the goal that legal counselors remain legal counselors and housekeepers remain housekeepers, and their financial circumstance is reflected as needs be.

This isn’t a framework that the individuals from Alexandria are an aficionado of, especially Michonne. Whenever Rick and Michonne come in, they try to unwind the framework, which means making foes of Governor Milton, the pioneer of the Commonwealth. By Issue #191, Governor Milton is detained and new races are arranged. There is even discuss Rick Grimes hurrying to turn into the new Governor of The Commonwealth.

One individual who isn’t content with the condition of things, be that as it may, is Sebastian Milton, the child of Governor Pamela Milton. Toward the finish of Issue #191, Sebastian brings matters into his own hand, hauls out a gun, and shoots Rick Grimes in the chest. In the Issue #191 cliffhanger, we’re left to ponder whether Rick lives or bites the dust.

That answer arrives conclusively in Issue #192, such that leaves no uncertainty. At the point when the issue gets, Sebastian shoots Rick Grimes a few additional occasions. When Carl arrives, Rick is a zombie. Carl needs to shoot Zombie Rick in the head. Tear Rick Grimes.

At the end of the day, while Rick is still actually alive in the TV The Walking Dead universe, he’s authoritatively dead in the funnies. What that implies for the TV program is clearly hazy. It’s conceivable that the Rick Grimes motion pictures at last end with the real passing of Rick Grimes at The Commonwealth. Indeed, with Danai Gurira additionally leaving The Walking Dead, it’s conceivable that The Commonwealth curve will be saved for Rick, Michonne, and Jadis and the motion pictures, while the remainder of the characters stay in Alexandria. Or on the other hand it might be that every one of the characters from The Walking Dead universe eventually meet in The Commonwealth, where we see Rick Grimes pass on for the last time in the third Rick Grimes motion picture. In the current week’s fifth season debut scene of Fear the Walking Dead, Scott Gimple might set that up by prodding the inceptions of CRM, the outfit that lifted Rick up in the helicopter last season.

In either regard, for devotees of The Walking Dead funnies, it’s hard not to see Rick’s passing as something besides a mistake. Robert Kirkman has said in the past that Rick Grimes would bite the dust before he finished his funnies, however to have him murdered by no one important like Sebastian Milton is somewhat of an arbitrary bummer. To place it in a setting fanatics of the TV arrangement would comprehend, it’s sort of like seeing Rick Grimes executed out of nowhere by Spencer Monroe, the crying, whiny child of Deanna Monroe. At the end of the day, it is anything but an epic passing befitting the greatest and most significant character in The Walking Dead history. Following 17 years, Rick Grimes is gunned down in his very own bed by no one worth mentioning punk.

One way that Rick’s passing in the funnies may influence the TV arrangement, notwithstanding, is this: It seems as though Negan will turn into the ostensible lead now.

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